About Us

Made by Demons in British Columbia, Canada

Demon Doll Clothing is a high quality, eco friendly,  street style label with an alternative edge. “We represent the black sheep of the family.” – Carla D.

Demon Doll  is made of Bamboo, Hemp, Organic Cotton (sometimes reg. Cotton), and Soy, giving this gear its super soft feel, great fit and long-lasting quality.  Styled for everyday adventures and wild n’ crazy nights. Subculture street-wear that makes a bold statement.

We wholesale our products from Eastern Canada, while printing is currently done through a third-party local company. We take care of the packaging, tagging, designing,  photoshoots, marketing and our day-to-day operations at the DD HQ in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. Demon Doll will be implementing it’s own original designs into its up coming line, which is entirely made in Nanaimo. Our goal is to do 100% of the process in-house one day. We want to supply you with high quality clothes for years to come!

Fighting against fast fashion with a sustainable and durable product that looks great. Our clothing is year-round wear, in this climate of ours – the coastal rainforest. Island life at it’s best for those of us who couldn’t fathom wearing pastels or bright colours every day because our dark souls won’t allow it. Yet we’re good people, who want good things, which is why we contribute to sustainability throughout our business practices as you can see in our products.

Demon Doll offers a mobile sales service and a showroom for retail buyers. Also, you could RSVP for a personal shopping experience in the local area and we will come right into your living room with all our new swag! ($100 purchase minimum for personal appointment with Carla D.)

“Once you go bamboo, you don’t go back to poly- and even cotton looks rough, no offense to cotton.” – Carla D.

You will never be disappointed when you wear Demon Doll clothing because it’s the softest of it’s kind, and you won’t want to take it off! 100% FAIR TRADE 100% ECO FRIENDLY 100% ETHICAL WEAR 100% HANDPRINT 100% SWEATSHOP FREE! Proudly, manufactured in Nanaimo, BC & Made in Canada.

“Brilliant, Bold and Badass – Being a black sheep has never looked better!”