Bio – Carla Dalzell, Owner


Hey Dolls!

At Demon Doll, we do the unexpected and stick to our own authentic, unorthodox, and even controversial path. Growing up, I was always told I did things the hard way, but it’s more fun like that. You learn more, the situation will always test you and might make you fail again and again but Demon Doll’s get back up no matter how hard or how many times we get knocked down. We always see the beauty in the darkness and remain brilliant, bold and badass! Taking a bad situation and making it work in a positive way – always use your struggle as fuel to better your talents.

Very proud to provide Canadian made high quality clothing. We only use Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Hemp which makes Demon Doll Clothing outlast the competition and feel better too along with other benefits of eco fashion. We bring value to your closet by supplying you with fashionable investments that will last forever due to their great quality. The positive feedback from my customers and reactions to our supremely soft and durable clothing is what inspires me to keep going – all you new and repeat customers make it worth it – thank you! Demon Doll is leading the way in high-quality eco streetwear with an it’s alternative edge – Perfect for the black sheep of the family.

We will keep pushing quality sustainable fashion, women empowerment and putting a positive spin on the an alternative style. Being a labour of love for me, I hope to make luxurious street wear for you to enjoy for years to come.

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